Program Evaluation


BHC consultants possess expertise in management of delivery systems, research and evaluation methodology, and direct service delivery. Our evaluation and consultation model involves stakeholders at multiple levels,  Through individualized evaluation design, ongoing project management, and active/participatory consultation, we have provided program feedback that has impacted policy at state and national levels.

External Quality Review Organization (EQRO)
BHC is federally certified (by Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) as an External Quality Review Organization (EQRO).  We have contracts with the State of California to provide quality reviews of MediCal mental health managed care services in all 58 counties and also MediCal Substance Use Services.  We have provided EQRO services for Missouri Medicaid Managed Health Care for over twelve years, which also includes mental health and substance use.  We have also provided state-wide evaluations of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIPS) in Missouri
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Administrative, Financial, and Professional Support Services
We have successfully completed over 60 contracts in the past twenty years. Part of this success comes from organization and proper planning activities. We have assisted many businesses and state agencies in developing efficient, well-functioning support systems. BHC consultants provide practical, working solutions you need.

Psychological and Mental Health Evaluations


BHC has licensed psychologists on staff with over 10 years of clinical evaluation experience. We perform psychological and mental health evaluations of individuals for job readiness, personal injury, competency, SSI determinations, court evaluations for juveniles and adults.

Correctional / Jail Services


We offer jails, prisons and other correctional agencies service options to manage the mental health needs of their offender populations in cost effective and efficient ways. BHC provides mental health staffing, consultation, development of mental health treatment systems, suicide prevention, and on-site care services for various correctional systems. Our staff are highly trained, caring individuals who provide mental health services in a professional manner.

Community Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP)

BHC provides evaluation services for the CBCAP, which is a federal grant to the Missouri Children’s Trust Fund to develop collaborative partnerships with counties and communities throughout Missouri.  BHC also hosts the evaluation data entry program to track family outcomes of those participating in the program.


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