Employment Screening Index (ESI)
Recruiting and interviews can be an expensive process for any company, especially if you hire the wrong person and have to repeat the process. The ESI is a a cost-effective screening tool that can be used in conjunction with your current hiring and screening processes to improve your chances of selecting the right candidate. We utilize two well-recognized screening tests that have been proven to directly correlate with job performance. Our internet base program produces a report immediately with a score of hirability.

Organizational Performance Survey (OPS)


The Organizational Performance Survey (OPS) System is one of the first Internet-based systems to give managers the capability both to measure and analyze an organization's functioning online based on employee input without the high cost of outside consultants. OPS was developed by staff at BHC to measure ten different aspects of organizational functioning related to how employees feel about their jobs, how they evaluate their fellow employees, supervisors, and managers, and how they view the company or agency. 

Treatment Outcome Profile (TOP)
TOP was designed to be a self-report measure of key dimensions of treatment outcome: Quality of Life, Level of Functioning, Symptomatology, and Satisfaction with Services. Each of these sub-sections was developed with clinical populations, including clients being seen in outpatient settings, inpatient settings, and residential care facilities. We used classical test theory, with internal reliability coefficients and factor analysis, to develop each sub-section. TOP is available in both online and paper formats. 
Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Focus Groups
BHC has designed and administered many successful satisfaction surveys. We can help you collect valuable information that will help you improve your business's operations and better support your customers.

EQR Assessment & Reporting Tool


BHC has designed many tools for External Quality Review for Medi-Caid systems, including Performance Measurement assessment tools, Performance Improvement Project assessment tools, and Information Systems Evaluation tools. We also have developed guidelines to assist managed care plans to implement performance mesurement systems.